As the name indicates, the Feminized seeds are those seeds which produce only female offspring. Feminized seeds are a result of asexual reproduction often known as cloning as well. You can get the feminized seeds from market as well as clone them at home. But cloning them at home on your own cannot assure that your experiment will go successful. The flowering properties and easy to grow tendencies of female counter of cannabis strains has made feminized seeds popular among cannabis growers. All what feminized seeds require is sunlight, lots and lots of sunlight.

Growing Feminized seeds is usually preferred by those who do not prefer cultivating the male buds due to their smell and other not much desired characteristics. Feminized seeds do flower but do not produce seeds as they do not have any male involvement while reproducing. With the boom in Feminized seeds you will hardly find people growing the regular seeds. This is all because the cannabis growers love to grow seeds which can give them buds to smoke. Considering the fact that only female buds can be smoked most of the people do not like to grow regular seeds which shall give them both male and female buds. All this has led to evolution of various feminized strains. To name Amnensia Haze is one of the most popular and grown feminized seed.

Let us now introduce to you the reasons why feminized seeds have become the choice of every grower-:

  • Only produce female buds
  • Only female buds can be smoked
  • Uplifting characteristic of female buds can be experienced on smoking it
  • Has cerebral effects
  • Acts as a great stress buster
  • Brings out the person from depression
  • Produces flowers
  • Easy to grow.