Auto flowering seeds of cannabis automatically switch to flowering stage from vegetative stage with age. Many of the auto flowers are ready to harvest within 10 weeks of time period from seed to plants. There are also some dwarf varieties of cannabis which can be grown even faster and give decent yield throughout the year. The origin of auto flowering cannabis is still debatable but it is believed that early genetics of cannabis came from Finola, also called oilseed hemp but it was lacking high grade and finer qualities of cannabis seeds. Afterwards the hybrids of the cannabis were formed with some of the popular photo period sensitive strains. The genetic science behind these new auto flowering strains that breeders are manufacturing are typically not shared or if thus solely in terribly obscure terms. This secrecy is completed to stay others from manufacturing knock offs of the strains, and a lot of typically, to obscure revealing that new strains, a lot of typically than not, descended from the first Lowryder, that is usually criticized as a substandard strain of low efficiency.

Advantages of auto flowering seeds:

  • Cannabis ruderalis breed gives flowers after just 2 to 3 weeks from the germination time.
  • The seed production of auto flowering cannabis is very easy as only one plant can give several hundred seeds.
  • The lifespan of the cannabis is short time so auto flowering seeds can be grown in cold climates as well.
  • Auto flowering seeds can also be grown in artificial light so we do not need large farms and can grow it ion cities as well under roofs of homes.
  • In one season, it can produce multiple harvests and it is very economical.