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For all those stoners who want to get hit faster, this one is the strain for you. It grows in no time and also hits you as soon as you take it.

Flowering Time

It is a medium-sized plant that can be grown both outdoors and indoors. It gives more yields when grown indoors. It is a perfect strain for new growers as it has a short flowering time of 7 weeks. Also, it can be flowered at any photoperiod between 12 to18 hours of light per day. Given that it can be grown any time or season of the year. The only condition it requires growing is a temperature above 10 C.

About the strain

It is a mix of sativa, indica and ruderalis, where both sativa and ruderalis are only present 10% making the strain sativa dominant.

Auto Bomb Feminised seeds are a cross of green – o – Matic and Big Bang Autoflowering seeds.

Why buy Auto – Bomb Feminised Seeds?

Auto Bomb feminized seeds are one of our top selling seeds. It has been in talks since the time it came into existence. We cannot give you enough reasons to convince you for choosing this one over other marijuana strains.

  • Short flowering time.
  • Longer photoperiod time.
  • It can be grown both indoors and outdoors.
  • Grows in all seasons.
  • Hits you fast after consumption.
  • Produces high yield.
  • Relaxes down the mind
  • Tones the body and muscles.

If you are all prepared 10 grow Auto Bomb Feminised seeds then look no further and place your order with us. We deliver auto bomb feminized throughout Canada and the US. Our high quality and competitive prices will bring you back to us every time you plan to order marijuana seeds.

So get your hands on this amazing strain and get hit faster than others.

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2 reviews for Auto – Bomb Feminised Seeds

  1. Addison

    Love this one because it can strain for you!

  2. shein

    I love this product!

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