For the old school lovers who love to keep it natural regular cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for them. Keeping it natural without any chemically produced alterations regular cannabis seeds produce both male and female offspring in an equal ratio unlike the feminized seeds which only produce female offspring.

Regular cannabis seeds are the naturally bred strains which are obtained by crossing over the male and female parents. The high end cannabis consumers know the taste and uniqueness of regular cannabis seeds and are highly obsessed with them. These days when we have produced too many altered and modified cannabis species it’s rare to find regular cannabis seeds. And what’s more rare to find is people who love to smoke regular cannabis seeds.

It’s the female cannabis seeds which are smoked whereas the male counterpart is generally of no use to stoners. So, people usually prefer to cultivate feminized seeds and get 100% female seeds but then the ones who understand the difference between the modified and produced feminized seeds and naturally grown regular cannabis seeds always prefer regular cannabis seeds over any other modified and altered strains.

Also for those who want to produce seeds on their own would need both male and female regular cannabis seeds. To grow and produce seeds on your own you cannot go with any other seeds other than regular cannabis seeds. Get the best quality high yielding regular cannabis seeds now at your doorsteps with us. Order them online now.