Afghan Cow Feminised Seeds

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Afghan cow feminized seeds are produced by crossing Ash, Kaya 47 and Kali mist and are an extraordinary seed that will help you deal with life very easily. On consumption, the seed makes one person go silent completely by its cerebral effect. The person starts noticing everything around in details but the mind remains to be silent. On consuming Afghan cow feminized seed one will be compelled to feel all the aspects of life which we mostly ignore with purpose or unintentionally. It is a highly popular feminized seed of cannabis strain which will help you enjoy the moment completely giving a feel that you are in a state of meditation, letting you have a calm and soothing effect on your mind.

Talking about the features of the seed, afghan cow feminized seeds undergo flowering within eight to nine weeks of sowing and they are most famous for their high yielding capacity, soothing effect, and power. The seeds are mostly of Sativa variety while some are of Indica variety. The ratio is 3:1. With a photoperiod flowering type, afghan cow feminized seeds have 18 to 22 percent of THC content, which is the one and only reason for its calming effect. These seeds are grown outdoors as well as indoors but their yield varies depending upon the place of growth. In the case of indoor growth, its yield is 450-850 gm/m2  while its yield outdoors is 650-1300 gm/ plant. The seeds are mostly harvested within the mid of October to the end of October.

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  1. Harper

    Very strong and good seeds

  2. Alliyah

    The feature of the seed is very good <3

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