Afghan Express Autoflowering feminised Seeds

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Afghan Express Autoflowering feminised seeds is a result of Afghan and Lowryder 2 cross. It is a discovery of positionics team into who after crossing these strains over generations have been able to produce Afghan Express Autoflowering strain.

Afghan express is a strong vegetative plant which grows upto 1.80m tall and produces yield up to 100 gr per plant. It has a strong structure and dense flowers supported by its solid branches. It has a short flowering cycle of 70 to 79 days it is best to grow in sunny weather beginning from May.

It is a combination of husky and musky tones unlike the typical Afghan tones. The resin production of plant is in large quantities with a sweet Hashish smell. The plant has high THC content whereas negligible or low CBD content. Afghan Express by Positronics serves both serves both medicinal and recreational purpose. In case you are a beginner this cannabis strain is perfect for you as it is a ready to grow faminised auto flowering seeds.

This strain has also become one of the favorite picks of those who use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

On smoking it once the vibrant buzz is felt shortly after the first puff. Hailing from Indica sativa and Ruderales background this strain works excellent in case of:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle spasms
  • Sprains

From where to buy Afghan Express Autoflowering seeds?

Now if you have made your mind and finally decided to go ahead with the decision of growing Afghan Express Autoflowering Seeds then do not worry about where to get it from. We provide best quality positsonics Afghan Express Autoflowering feminised seeds at super affordable prices. The prices provide by us our competitive and the lowest possible in the market whereas we still believe in maintaining our quality.

So what are you waiting for, Buy it Now.

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  1. Jahana

    I love this product!I will order a lot of this again.

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