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CRACK CBD FEMINISED SEEDS  has got this name because of the dominant amount of sativa present in it and the energy high that it provides. It is across between skunk #1 and sweet leaf indica. The THC content present in it ranges from 13.5% to 24%.It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It takes 7 to 9 weeks to flower indoors and outdoors, in late September and early October. The plant height is tall. The CBD percentage is 0.10%. The indica to sativa ratio is 25% to 75%. Its smell resembles to natural earthiness and fruits. While, some say the smell is like that of papaya or mango, others claim, it smells of pine and fresh grass. Its taste is a blend of citrus taste and fruitiness.

1. Energetic: there is absolute inflow of energy after its few puffs.
2. Happy: the smokers feel elated and relaxed after consumption of CRACK CBD FEMINISED SEEDS.
3. Focused: the users have reported increase in their focus levels.
4. Euphoric: they experience tranquility and solace with its intake.
5. Uplifted: the mood of the users get uplifted with CRACK CBD FEMINISED SEEDS.

1. Stress: CRACK CBD FEMINISED SEEDS is a very useful strain for treating people suffering withstress as it calms down their muscles and relaxes them to an unbelievable level.
2. Depression: it is also beneficial for helping people cope up with depression and reduce their level of depression.
3. Fatigue: many a people report feeling tired nowadays and CRACK CBD FEMINISED SEEDS is helpful in overcoming tiredness.
4. Pain: it is an effective medicine for getting rid of chronic and general pains.
5. Loss of appetite: the consumption of this strain can help all those who are suffering from loss of appetite by increasing their hunger.

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  1. Charlotte

    High quality

  2. Mohacsi Janos

    is it autoflower or not?

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