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Amnesia Feminised seeds are one of the much-loved categories among cannabis seeds all across the globe. Their highly rich content of cannabinoids brings it among the high THC seeds, though it has low CBD content. Even after bringing with low CBD content it acts as a great stress buster. But because of it being strongly effective it leaves the person who consumes it feeling highly energetic and innovative making it difficult for a newbie to consume it. Therefore, new consumers are never straight away put on high THC seeds. Being sweet and citric in taste with a fragrant smell, its intake becomes very easy and delicious. Even after having therapeutic benefits, it can produce life-changing effects. As the name tells that it has tendencies of causing amnesia is taken in the wrong manner and high doses.

Therapeutic benefits of Amnesia Feminised seeds

  • Very well effective in curing nausea.
  • Acts as a great stress buster.
  • Relaxes the anxious mind.
  • It has a cerebral effect.
  • It makes the person feel energetic and innovative.

Properties of Amnesia Feminised seeds

  • High THC seeds
  • Low CBD content
  • Grows both indoors and outdoors
  • Pest resilient
  • Sweet and citric taste
  • The herbal yet spicy fragrance
  • Short flowering cycle- 63 days
  • Ideal for new growers.
  • Effective in cases of nausea and stress.

Amnesia Feminised seeds because of their short flowing time and aversion to pests form a perfect fit for those who are new to the world of cannabis. Being a newbie, you will find Amnesia Feminised seeds easy to grow yet hard to consume. They do not grow with their own support hence they require external supports. Growing them is really fun and effortless making them the preferred choice of new growers.

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