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The effect of hemp seeds is notorious. The reason for this is a small village in China, where many people over 100 years. In Bama Yao, the residents eat daily cannabis seeds. Often, they reach a high age and stay healthy for a long time. That this is due solely to the consumption of cannabis seeds, however, is unlikely. Bama Yao is located in a relatively unpolluted area. There are only a few pollutants in the area. In addition, the inhabitants eat well with often untreated food. The regular consumption of hemp seeds and hemp oil thus only partially plays a role in the above-average life expectancy of the residents.

Hemp seeds are advertised with various health effects. They should be able to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and even help with weight loss . However, these effects have not yet been scientifically proven. However, what you can say is that they contain many nutrients that support the body in its natural functioning. They contain many valuable ingredients that are essential for the body. Hemp seeds are therefore an optimal supplement to a balanced diet, just as is the case in Bama Yao.

Buy cannabis seeds

Hemp seeds can now be bought in numerous supermarkets, health food stores and drugstores. Many providers also offer their products online, so you can quickly order the seeds from home. There are significant differences in price with the Marijuana Seeds online. There are both variants, which cost only 3 euros per 100 grams, as well as products that can cost 20 euros for the same amount when buying one should pay attention to a high quality of the product. The best products are certified organically grown and certified with the Organic Seal. When buying hemp oil you should resort to a cold-pressed variant, as a high temperature can damage the ingredients.

Unpeeled or peeled cannabis seeds?

Unpeeled hemp seeds are more intense in flavor, but also taste more bitter. In addition, they contain more fiber. The other macronutrients, however, differ only slightly. However, the peeled variant loses the important plant substance chlorophyll, which has an antioxidant effect. Therefore, experts are increasingly recommending the consumption of the unpeeled variety. This variant is also cheaper because fewer processing steps are needed. Some even advise against buying shelled hemp seeds.

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