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Hemp is a plant of the Cannabis variety. It is used in several ways. The stem (rich in fibers) is used for industry (in the manufacture of fabrics, paper and ropes…). The leaves and seeds used in food. The hemp oil (which is extracted from the seeds of the plant), in food used both in industry.

Although it is a plant of the Cannabis variety, it does not have the psychoactive substance (THC) found in other varieties, therefore its consumption is safe.

Properties and benefits

  • Hemp seeds are considered as one of the most nutrient rich foods and so it is called super food.
  • They are rich in essential fatty acids having an ideal ratio of omega 3 and 6, with a ratio of 3: 1. What helps in the immune, cardiovascular, neurological and cellular system
  • It is a plant source rich in omega 3 (contains alpha-linolenic Acid), which helps reduce inflammation
  • Rich in vitamin E (powerful antioxidant), it helps cardiovascular, bone, skin and hair health.
  • Contains all essential amino acids (complete protein), three tablespoons of hemp seeds contain 11g of protein.
  • Its protein sources are easily digested and of high biological value.
  • It does not present inhibitors of enzymes in its constitution
  • Rich in soluble fiber (help maintain feeling of satiety)
  • They are a source of lecithin that helps in brain function
  • Rich in various minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium..

Types of Hemp Seeds

Can be found:

  • Seeds of hemp with bark: are the seeds in their natural state
  • Seedless hemp seed: the bark is removed but the seed properties remain intact
  • Hemp protein: Ground seeds where all the oil is removed: highest concentration of protein and fiber, about 50% of its total energetic value in protein of high biological value.
  • Hemp oil: extracted from hemp seeds (rich in vitamin E, omega3 and omega6)

How to use

They can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. Peeled: can be lightly toasted or consumed in raw, ideal for germination, for making flour, for preparation of “milk” or vegetable drink of hemp
  2. Without peel:  in raw to: sprinkle on salads, rice, pasta, desserts. I usually use on top of pancakes, pate, yogurt, smoothies, sticks, fruit, in the soup..
  3. In powder: in shakes, in sticks, in desserts..
  4. As oil: it should be consumed in raw, for example in salads.

Note: As hemp seeds do not have anti nutrients or enzyme inhibitors they do not need to be soaked up unlike other seeds.

Where to buy

The ideal is to always buy organic, so find it easily in any natural products store or Cannabis Seeds online store, organic markets and supermarkets, dietetic zone of hypermarkets and online stores. Seeds with bark are harder to find, I usually buy at fairgrounds in the area of ​​seeds and nuts.

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