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No one noticed how, over a decade ago, a tiny strain of Low-rider appeared, which began the far-reaching changes to the world of Grooving. The main feature is the automatic transition to flowering, which does not depend on the mode of the day, unlike photoperiod varieties. For a long time no one took him seriously. Cones were not strong and the variety did not gain popularity. The find served as a toy even for lovers.

Curious breeders still started working with him and produced a wide variety of auto-flowering varieties. They also developed effective care methods at all stages, from seed to harvest. Therefore, over the years, auto flowers occupied an honorable place in wide circles of plant growers. Proper Cannabis Seeds online supplies can be had now for you.

Some breeders managed to achieve a THC level above 28%. Efficiency and potential puts them on par with photoperiods, but that’s not all. Resistance helps the seed to become a full-fledged bush for 10 weeks and with sufficient attention rewards the gardener with a bountiful harvest.

Features of growing

Auto flowering hemp varieties for owners of indoor tents there is great news: plants during the growing season and flowering can grow in the same space. This means that you can set up a “permanent harvest”, if you put up small shoots to adult plants. In the middle of the same latitude, the Grover shoots up to 3 harvests per season!

At the same time, the speed carries both pluses and minuses. For a short time, it does not have time to recover from stress, so the techniques for photoperiod varieties will not work. The main tactic is to set and forget. So it was until recently.

How to grow a powerful

Auto flowering Communicating with many professionals, we found that the community is still looking for a common opinion on a wide list of issues. The debate is about transfers, LST and other basic aspects. Such attention was deserved for a reason and a serious attitude generates innovations in this direction every day.

In the get-together there are supporters of transplantation, mild and abundant defoliation, balanced intervention, who willingly share their experiences.


Auto-flowering marijuana has come a long way in a short time. In photoperiod varieties, their feminized, self-blooming counterparts appeared. Some of them even surpass the originals in their qualities. Versatility found a response in all circles, despite the high demands.

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