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The growing conditions are important, but the genetic material contained in the selected seed is the determining factor regarding the potential of the plant, whether grown indoors or outdoors. The genes contained in cannabis varieties created with the greatest expertise are the keys to a quality harvest. Hemp Seeds owns and preserves a unique collection of cannabis genotypes, and produces the best seeds available for purchase, whether regular, feminized or automatic.

A Wide Selection of Quality Cannabis Seeds

Make sure to make a seamless start by choosing your marijuana seeds online from the selection presented. This selection includes varieties used to produce medicinal cannabis in the Netherlands, as well as many famous hybrid varieties on a global scale. A considerable number of varieties of companies have won awards in international competitions. The real sign of quality, however, lies in the number of satisfied customers who come back regularly to buy our products, while knowing that customer support, discreet delivery and after-sales service are among our most absolute priorities.

From Beginners to Cannabis Experts

Each level of expertise will benefit, whether you are an experienced farmer or a complete novice whose only tool is an absolute enthusiasm. Whatever the situation, genetics usually determine the result. The category filter proposed by the site allows visitors to easily and quickly discover which varieties are best suited to their level. There is even a selection specifically designed for novice growers, who understand all the varieties that are easy to grow, and are also very affordable. The choice between packs of 3 to 25 seeds is moreover an undeniable economic asset. Among the other characteristics, time of flowering, harvest, and climate are important. The online forums provide advice on the process, from germination to harvest, through the very culture, and flowering, and allow visitors to share their experiences and ideas. The best seeds are determined to build a true cannabis community!

The Origins

Hemp seeds were used in religious rituals by the Scythians, who gave their name to the scythe, because of their use of curved tools for harvesting hemp and other plants.

Hemp seeds are a very important ingredient in bird food, and there is an urban legend in Britain about a grandmother who would have been arrested after emptying a bird feeder at the bottom of her garden, thus imparting to her the knowledge of plants derived from “grass seeds”.

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