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Think about these tips to get your plants from Marijuana Seeds for sale as good as possible. If he succeeds, he will reward you for it.

Get Good Genetics

Not a widow, like a widow. No basil, like basil. That is true and it will always pay. Many seeds share only a part of the name with the others. Calculate whether you can save on the genetic basis that determines the construction of the whole plant pays off.

Give the Plant Time Inside

If you are growing outdoors, start inside and out to dispose of the old plant moon. It is a far safer way of cultivation and you have control over its growth at the most critical time. Outdoors not only weather, but also weeds and game.

Use Gloves

By far the hardest is not touching the plants. It has its merits and certainly not a negligible problem. If you go to look at the plant, do not touch it with your hands. If you want to manipulate the plant, use gloves. It is important not to apply leaves unnecessarily, especially in the first days and weeks of the plant, when it is weak and vulnerable.

Meet the Place

If you are choosing an outdoor spot, get to know the light all day long! A hidden and sunny place is often excluded. Finding a suitable place is a factor that is underestimated. Think of where you give the plant, it will be there for the next few weeks, it will not run out of the shadows.

The Case against Pests

Pests are everywhere. There is no 100 percent protection, but it is good to count on it. Under the pest each one presents a slug, a spoon, an ant. Preventive glue boards are not necessarily detrimental. Some bait petticoats are also not to be thrown. But game can make the fastest possible damage. A hard-to-reach place, or a fence, wire or even a dirty string, can help you unwittingly!

Water in the Evening

Water your plants after sunset or before sunrise. This is a simple fact that applies to the range of all plants. The best thing to do is to work in the morning. On the contrary, it is best to water them over lunch. Watering in full light is not only inconvenient, as some of the water is instantly cured. It also damages the leaves, the drops appear on the sheets as lenses, and focuses the light on one place and burns it. They can not only burn the plant, but the flower suffers due to the drop in temperature shock. If the plant suffers from a significant lack of water over the day, we can squeeze it a bit to the roots, do not bend

Do not Harvest after the Rains Especially at the end of the year when the harvest runs, it is raining sometimes. The rain itself affects the amount of active substances only temporarily. The amount recovers within 2-4 days after rain. Therefore, harvest the herbs

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