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While hemp enjoys the reputation of being an illegal drug in many places, cannabis seeds are considered extremely healthy and nutritious. In muesli or salad, as an ingredient for baking bread, but also while cooking, the small seeds of the hemp plant in wonderful delicious recipes to wonderful advantage. The nutritional values ​​speak for themselves and so are hemp seeds on the way to becoming a new healthy superfood.

The edible cannabis seeds, which are nutrient-rich superfood sold in specialty stores, it is 3mm seeds (botanical to nuts) of the cannabis plant Cannabis sativa. Unlike cannabis indica (also known as marijuana) cannabis sativa does not count as an illegal drug, but as legal hemp, whose herbal parts offer various benefits. So the straw is used for natural industrial fibers, the leaves and roots with their nutrients as enrichment for the agricultural soil and flowers for medical purposes. The cannabis seeds of cannabis sativa contain little to no THC and therefore have no intoxicating effect.

Where to buy cannabis seeds?

Hemp seeds for food are available in many specialty stores, selected drugstores, Cannabis Seeds online stores to order or buy. Whether hemp seed peeled or unpeeled – both varieties can be eaten raw without further ado. In general, it is said that the peeled hemp seeds in the taste are gentler and are just suitable for baking. In order to fully incorporate the benefits of the valuable nutrients of hemp seed into their diets, the best organic quality should be taken into account when purchasing the small seeds – which, in turn, justifies why hempseed as a superfood is so expensive.

Nutrition facts and effects: Why are hemp seeds healthy?

Hemp seeds are full of vitamins, essential amino acidsand important minerals. Hemp seeds can boast high levels of vital B vitamins compared to other plant foods. In particular, they contain vitamin B1, B2 and B3 (niacin). In addition, cannabis seeds have calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium to offer. Other ingredients worth mentioning are protein and fiber, which make hemp seed interesting, especially for athletes. Although hemp seeds are relatively high in calories with approximately 566 kilocalories (kcal) per 100 grams, thanks to the many good nutrients and, above all, the healthy fatty acids that are important for a diet, hemp seeds can be a useful ingredient in weight loss, provided that they are generally based on a healthy low calorie diet a lot of movement is respected.

Cannabis Seeds – Dosage and Use

Hemp seeds should complement the healthy diet and so it is generally recommended to eat 3 to 5 tablespoons a day with meals. This dosage should not be exceeded to avoid possible side effects such as stomach pain or diarrhea. Nevertheless, cannabis seeds are considered to be extremely compatible. The use of small strong seeds is extensive and versatile. The daily dose can be distributed among the individual meals and, for example, can also be used as an ingredient in bread or generally in recipes for baking. If the seeds are ground, the flour can be wonderfully integrated into gluten-free recipes. Even when roasting, the slightly nutty aroma is very pleasant to the fore and so hemp seeds are also suitable for vegetarian or vegan patties.

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