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These are a type of feminized cannabis seeds of the auto-flowering version (of the strain AK-47), a hybrid that is composed of a lineage of complex nature with strains from various parts of the world- Mexico, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Thailand. Ruderalis is added to these plants which means that once the cannabis seeds of AK 27 express auto feminized seeds are planted and germinated, one does not need to worry about the length of daylight. The plant automatically grows from its vegetative stage to the flowering stage totally on its own and does not require any external effort.

AK 27 express auto feminized seeds are crossed with 50% Sativa and 40% indica and are very close to a balanced hybrid. The indica roots leave their users in the happy phase and make them feel high, lazy and the person becomes calm and serene with sadistic pleasure. Another effect of these seeds is that it makes you feel a lot of creativity. The effect of the sativa strain is that it induces an elevated and ecstatic sensation within the consumer. The powerful buds of these seeds have a sweet and earthy flavor and have the best effect if consumed in the evening or at night. These seeds contain high THC Content. Hence, excessive intake can lead a person to become paranoid or even headache. The flowering time of these seeds is about 7 weeks and it also produces a lot of smoke when lit. The plants have a medium yield and the plants grow to a medium height and can be grown indoors, outdoors and even within a greenhouse.

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    Best Seeds

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    Excellent Customer Service, product arrived on time.

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