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Gorilla Feminized seeds by Royal Queen Seeds is another fresh cannabis strain surprising the world. It won the 2014 Cannabis cup and the 2015 cannabis world cup for the best Hybrid class. Gorilla hereditary is a THC-rich accident that owes its reality more to chaos hypothesis than master breeding.

Its US parent is an irregularity of nature, appearing in a similar form to the Cheese line of hereditary qualities. A completely new genotype suddenly rose up out of known parents. The subsequent seeds were later grown spontaneously. Typically, bisexual qualities are discarded as it is a bothersome element in any strain.


At the point when Gorilla showed up, Whales and Watie knew they were onto something one of a kind. The plants delivered a large amount of resins with unique THC tests demonstrating an incredible 25% or more than that. Some well-developed phenols have been evaluated at an astonishing 30%. This sounds like a very slow process, yet this 50/50 cross breed brings happiness that peels back your eyelids.

The lemon citrus flavor of mixed greens top buds offers an approach to center buds and gives the flavor of pine and earth. Amazing sweet, flower base buds offer mouth-watering insights at the pleasures to originate from this world-class cannabis. Gorilla Feminized Seeds species is splendid for a wide range of extraction strategies. It makes probably the strongest amusing and medicinal edibles accessible.

Resin and More Resin

Gorilla Feminized seeds are all about quality resin. Yields are reasonable, yet the amount and quality of strain are awesome and world-class. Inexhaustible trichrome refract light and when restored well, the nodes are sticky and sparkling. All that gum makes Gorilla Feminized seeds pest and irritation safe. It is extremely difficult to grow when developed outside and is without the inconvenience that can be grown inside. Producers who pick Gorilla Feminized Seeds are never let down by this breed.

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