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Researchers at the University of Oslo have been studying this group for several years, and in a recently published study they would find out why the very few choose to scale up production. The study is based on in-depth interviews with the marijuana growers. With the use of the cannabis seeds the growth happens to be perfect. Better options are now here and that is the reason you will be requiring more information. You need to be careful in addressing the better options as there are a lot of instructions that you will find now.

Fast made to destroy a crop

  • For several small farmers who considered upscaling their operations, the organizational challenges were too great.
  • While most people are able to care for a couple of cannabis plants, cultivating dozens or even hundreds of them is far more complicated.
  • If you want to drive big you have to have a lot of people around you, you have to organize them, distribute work and things like that. So you must have the characteristics required to run a small business, says Sandberg.
  • Most of the growers who were interviewed either lacked the ability to organize, or were less inclined to change their operations to a full-time job.

Several also lacked the necessary knowledge of the plants

The cultivation of marijuana is a complicated process. It is quickly done to water the wrong or something like that, and then lose a whole crop. And when you have invested a lot of money in this, there is a lot that is at stake.

Due to the climate, marijuana cultivation is mostly done indoors, and artificial lighting compensates for the seasonal darkness. In addition to ensuring that the plants are properly watered and fertilized, they must be protected against insects and plant diseases, which in the worst case can destroy a whole crop. The most important matters are important here. You need to be specific in this matter and that is when only you will find the best option. The important details are there and the fine opportunities are there too.

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