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Under the crowns of “trees” the larvae of ticks and other pests can breed. Above, a rot or powdery mildew may inhabit. Aphids, causing striking damage to the roots, can be found in the soil. The consequence of all these subjects of infection is the inability of the strains to absorb the useful minerals in the proper quantity.

Nutrients – the cause of all ills?

Growing cannabis on the window Yellowness appears not only from a lack of fertilizers, but also because of their excessive use. The soil level changes, the roots cannot absorb all the nutrients from the ground. This phenomenon is more common than small portions of food.

Cannabis varieties recommended for beginners

After getting acquainted with all the possible errors in growing, beginning growers can already try to plant their first seed. Anyone can take advantage of our recommendations on the selection of seeds for cultivation.

The Seeds

Feminized  seeds allow you to plunge into another world. Opening your eyes, you will feel in the nineties on the coast of the Netherlands with a steaming jamb in your hand, just like from old movies, right? Grow predominantly Indore method with a height of 115 centimeters. 500 grams of cones per 1 square meter you get after the fruit ripens (which is approximately 50-60 days).

White widow

The product is of the same. The White Widow is one of those classic varieties that even our parents tried. This marijuana has an incredible yield: 800 grams per 1 meter squared. What is the effect? 2 hours of unbridled euphoria with a gradual disappearance. It will help people suffering from depressive ailments or experiencing pain. You can now have the Marijuana Seeds for sale easily for the same.

White dwarf

The feminized dwarf is in the top 10 best varieties. The shrub does not grow above 50 centimeters, which is good for cultivation. The flowering period is 7-9 weeks. During this period of time, Grover will not hear an abundant stench, as when cultivating other plants. The aroma is light, slightly noticeable, and the taste is sweet with hints of citrus. In medical practice, resort to the use of this drug in order to remove anxiety and remove the effects of stress.

Bubble gum

Tasty chewing gum with the prevailing in the composition of the syndics is recognized by the weak tilling in the flowering phase. Experienced planters claim that sometimes cultivation is possible even without air filters.

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