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Cannabis is an annual plant that can be planted in both open and closed ground, and in one season you can get a crop of fragrant resinous cones. Many lovers wondered how to grow Marijuana properly and achieve results from the first time? This is not difficult, given the several factors that will be discussed in the blog.

To begin with, this plant is divided into:

  • Sowing cultural – it is grown for the production of Marijuana oil and seeds;
  • Technical – suitable for fiber;
  • Narcotic;
  • Weed – an ornamental plant, suitable for crossing with others.

Marijuana breeding is a whole science, for different purposes seeds are planted with whole fields. Begin with a single bush or a small area. Novice growers need to find out what is needed for growing cannabis at home. For easy process you can buy Cannabis Seeds online.

Seed germination

When you have decided on a variety of marijuana, you should germinate the seeds. For this, a simple method is suitable, consisting in the actions:

  • Put the seed between the layers of a damp sponge or cotton pads;
  • Pour some water on top;
  • Cover with a package so that the moisture does not evaporate.

After a day or two, the grains will crack and a white tail will appear. The seed is planted in small pots for seedlings or bottles with holes at the bottom – for each individual container. Carefully, in order not to damage the root of the cannons, the seed is planted with its tail down on a layer of loose earth and sprinkled on top. 1-2 cm is enough. Water twice a week until sprouts appear with several pairs of leaves then comes the turn of the transplant. Do it carefully, keeping the root system.

Closed ground

This method has a lot of advantages, but there are also disadvantages. Plus the fact that you can do mini gardening in your apartment in a limited space, it does not attract the attention of others, under the control of light, temperature and smell. Of the minuses – it will be possible to grow a small amount, but for beginners this is enough. The process is entertaining as a gardening trend.

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