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An ideal way to maximize the volume of crowns of Cannabis Seeds online that are illuminated by high intensity discharge lamps is Screen of Green (SCROG).


For years, it has been a popular way of the Sea of ​​Green (SOG), and SCROG uses the same functions, but growers add a bulb to maximize exposure to light. Curtains can be simple, such as wire or nylon mesh that supports the top of the rising crown. Ideally they should have holes of 5 cm in diameter.

Suspension of the Curtain

The curtains should be as close as possible to the lights, thereby increasing the amount of top of the plants that have access to light. The curtains are stored between the growing substrate and your favorite cannabis plants. Generally, marijuana growers plant one plant for every 30 centimeters of aperture. If you are not sure, it is better to use fewer plants. The SCROG method can be used to grow all the hemp strains we offer, works well with both indica and sativa. Since Cannabis Sativa tends to pull out during the first weeks of the growing season, these plants are an ideal option, and you can use the aperture to ensure the total reduction in the amount of marijuana grown inside, to ensure that the stick is not burned under intense lighting.

Vegetative Growth of Marijuana Using SCROG

Knowing how your marijuana plants grow is crucial to obtaining optimal harvests using the SCROG method. If you grow one of our excellent Cannabis Sativa, such as our Sour Diesel, you may want your plants to remain in the vegetative phase for several weeks. Since Cannabis Indica, such as our Special Kush, does not pull out much during flowering, you can keep it in a vegetative phase for a much longer period of time.

Growing of Marijuana Plants

The main idea of ​​the SCROG method is that instead of growing one upper stick, you can grow more under direct lighting. As the plants grow through the aperture, you simply press them down and tie the branches to the curtain. This will create more pitches and maximize the final harvest. Plants can be easily fastened using plastic straps and you can lead the branches to the empty portions of your aperture. As the plants grow, they begin to grow and you get the crop of big sticks that have access to the light they are thriving on. Keep in mind that you will probably get more branches in 12 hours of dark and 12 hours of light.

Draw Sheets

Since the SCROG method is trying to create a larger number of sticks, removing the outer fan-like leaves will give the sticks more energy, so you can harvest dense trichomes covered. It is important to keep in mind that plants get energy from the leaves and you should be sure not to remove too many large leaves.

Proper Air Circulation

When using hemp grown with SCROG, you get a thicker crown, so optimal air circulation is essential. Among our hemp strains you can find those that are resistant to mold, so do not worry about increased moisture. If you are growing cannabis marijuana, the best way to keep the temperature and humidity in the right range is to use an air-cooled lamp.

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