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Hemp seeds are among the oldest crops and are unfortunately often associated with marijuana. Only certain hemp varieties have an intoxicating effect. The traditional species, such as hemp, on the other hand, are real powerhouses and provide our bodies with important nutrients.

Where do cannabis seeds come from?

The crop hemp has been grown on the planet for over 12,000 years and provides the soil with important nutrients, allowing farmers to plant the hemp plants several times during the season. It is robust and survives harder times. At present the sources are various for this, however, you can trust on the Cannabis Seeds online purchase for the best quality.

Small seed, great power

From the hemp can be further processed the flowers, the stalks and the seeds. Especially the seeds are true all-rounder. That’s in it:

  • Amino Acids: Our body needs amino acids to make its own protein. The cannabis seeds not only contain over 20 different ones, but also the essential ones that our body cannot produce itself. So they not only protect our immune system and our cells, but are also a great source of protein.
  • Omega-3 and -6: These healthy fatty acids strengthen our heart, our brains and provide energy. They cannot be produced by our bodies themselves and therefore have to be absorbed through food.
  • Vitamin E and zinc protect the cells from free radicals.
  • Gamma-linolenic acid belongs to the omega-6 fatty acids and is very rare in food. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, ensures strong nails, clean skin and shiny hair.

In addition, there are important trace elements, digestive fiber and phytochemicals, which make the optimal nutrient mix perfect.

Pluses for our health through the seeds of hemp

Due to the high nutrient density, hemp seeds are true health boosters. Their advantages include:

  • Cell protection
  • Cholesterol-lowering
  • Protein supplier
  • Immune system is strengthened
  • More energy
  • Anti-inflammatory

So you can integrate cannabis seeds into your food

Hemp seeds are both shelled and natural in health food stores or on the Internet to buy. The easiest way is to mix the seeds while baking or garnishing. With their fine nutty aroma, they also taste great in muesli. Another alternative is hemp oil and flour. Even if the oil is not suitable for heating, you can use it as a dressing for a delicious salad. The flour is mixed in during baking. Please make sure when purchasing that the seeds are 100% free from THC, organically grown and free of additives.

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