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In fact, the sale of hemp seeds is completely legal, as well as buying. There is not a single legislative act that would attract responsibility for such actions. Moreover, there are certain types of economic activities that allow such trade. So, even legal entities can sell cannabis seeds in any region.

It is forbidden to grow plants. Therefore, we do not encourage clients to overstep the law and pay attention to the fact that all information is published for informational purposes. After the purchase, the responsibility for further actions falls only on you.

Everyone can buy marijuana/cannabis seeds online, but they cannot be grown. This is the main rule that you should remember if you want to avoid problems with law enforcement officials. It is allowed to sow and cultivate only industrial species used for clothing, food production, building materials, energy elements and in many other areas. But for this you need a separate license.


Hemp seeds can be divided into 3 main categories:

  1. Auto flowering
  2. Feminized cannabis seeds
  3. Auto flowers femki

They differ primarily in the flowering period, the size of the bushes and yield. Femki are also more sensitive to the environment, weather conditions, and diseases than auto flowers. The best option for beginner growers is a hybrid of these two species, combining their strengths.


Cannabis seeds can be divided into subcategories based on phenotype, genetics, size, yield, purpose:

  • Outdoor;
  • Indore;
  • Medical;
  • Low;
  • Sativa;
  • Indica;
  • Fruitful;
  • With a faint odor;
  • For beginners, etc.

Such a ranking can be very long and depends on what attribute you choose for your product.

In our catalog we tried to take into account all your wishes and identified the most popular categories. Here you can find out that cannabis seeds are disease-resistant, inexpensive, miniature and large, with a high THC, low odor, and many others. You can combine several requests into one and we will select a hybrid that meets all the requirements.

Cannabis Seed Prices

The cost of one cannabis seed can vary from 0.6 to 36 dollars and above and directly depends on its characteristics, producer’s reputation, selection complexity, region of origin, resistance to diseases or weather conditions, and others. For example, Spanish sidpak is more expensive than Ukrainian. But this does not mean that ours are inferior to them.

The online stores deliver the best cannabis seeds from around the world. Therefore, here you will not a priori find a poor-quality product. The choice is limited only by the financial capabilities and desired properties of the seeds. Auto flowers are usually cheaper than femki. But there are unique hybrid varieties that are more expensive than standard ones.

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