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But how do breeders achieve “same-sex marriage” between female plants, where can we get pollen? Of course, it must produce one of the plants. To get femko female bush forced to produce bags of pollen, the same as on the male plant. Pollen is used for pollination of any other female plant, and the resulting seeds will give a purely female offspring.

To make a female plant grows sacks of male pollen in two main ways:

Chemical (recommended) – spraying the plants with a solution of colloidal silver or gibberellic acid in the first 3-4 weeks of flowering leads to the appearance of male signs in hemp. This method of feminization is used by professional breeders working in Sidbank. The following will be instructions on the chemical method of feminization.

Natural (not recommended) – under natural conditions, some female hemp bushes produce both male and female genitals to self-pollinate. Usually, the reason for this is stress or the impossibility of pollination by male plants in conditions of ending autumn – the plant understands that it could not leave the offspring in a normal way, and seeks to pollinate itself. Seeds after self-pollination often give female plants, but since such an “independent” bush is a hermaphrodite, its offspring most often also reveals both male and female sexual characteristics. Therefore, the use of femok, obtained in a natural way, carries with it a certain risk.

Seed feminization

You can make a solution of colloidal silver yourself or buy it; colloidal silver is sold as a dietary supplement. Gibberellic acid is also used for feminization, but editorial details are not known. Colloidal silver is of different concentrations, you can choose from 30 PPM and above.

Preparation of colloidal silver solution:

You will need a 9 volt battery, clips to connect it, and any silver product like a coin or even a piece of wire, as well as distilled water;

The battery closes on your silver, silver is placed in distilled water for 8 hours.

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