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For years, we have done classic crosses with excellent results, and we have obtained stabilized copies with more productive genes and more resistant to extreme weather conditions.

What are Marijuana Seeds?

Marijuana is a plant that can reproduce both sexually and asexually. When we talk about asexual reproduction, we are referring to the realization of cuttings or clones of a mother plant.

The Seeds

Seeds are the form of sexual reproduction of cannabis. Marijuana is a dioecious plant, it produces male plants, whose flowers produce pollen, and female plants that produce eggs that are fertilized with male pollen, where after cannabis seeds will be generated and that in the future will form a new copy, thus ensuring the survival of the species.

The marijuana seeds for sale are made up of genes from their parents, the father, and the mother. These genes are those that dictate the characteristics of the plant: growth pattern, plant shape, odor, taste, effect or concentration of cannabinoids such as THC or CBD.

Genetic Inheritance

The genetic inheritance requires that the chosen parents should be in good health and forced to ensure the offspring of quality.

However, genetic transmission means that all marijuana seeds produced from one parent are equal to each other, and there are common characteristics, but also differences. This is a great advantage when selecting specimens, so it is that breeders use sexual reproduction to choose the individuals that for their particular traits are of interest to preserve.

In general, cannabis strains are created to accentuate a number of characteristics such as yield, taste or adaptation to the specific culture system.


Most cannabis seeds are hybrid hybrids of major cannabis families: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis.

However, there are still pure species that are not crossed with others or exclusively crossed seeds, known as IBL, such varieties are very stable and homogeneous, are preserved and ensure that the specimens are very similar to each other.

The Main Feature

They look different depending on the type: some are darker, while others are lighter and can vary in size. To determine the quality of cannabis seeds, first, we look at their appearance. A mature marijuana seed is dark brown or light in color and is marbled or has small spots.

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