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For the 5 tolerated plants, say. And who does not want that? Well few people, because our breeding tips for Marijuana Seeds for sale ended up at an honorable 28th place in our year-top 50. Therefore, and because you also want to get the most out of your plants in the winter, here are our five breeding tips for maximum yield. Happy growing everybody!

Growing cannabis is fun, educational and you have something to it. Many growers really enjoy their plants and have an incredible love for the plant. But no matter how crazy you are at growing, in the end, everyone wants to get the most out of their cannabis plants. Therefore the following 5 breeding tips for more yield.

It does not matter which type of weed you grow, these 5 breeding tips work to increase your yield. However, genetics, in other words, the type of weed you grow with, has an enormous influence on your yield. So choose your type of weed carefully, go for a reputable seed bank and do not save on genetics.

Feed Well!

Your mother used to say it before: you have to eat well otherwise you will never become a big guy/girl. This also applies to cannabis plants, which must also eat well. So provide the right nutrients for your cannabis plant, but do not overdo it again.

Make sure you are aware of the nutritional needs of cannabis plants, so read and learn a lot. Unfortunately, many breeders give their plants too much food, and that may also be due to that one sentence that mothers used to infuse with so much love. Especially when growers mix different nutrients and additives, without understanding what their plants need, it often goes wrong. It is important that you learn how to show your plant what it is lacking or what it is getting too much of. Cannabis plants tell you everything, so you have to learn to ‘listen’ to them. It is most common that weed plants show signs of burning due to too much nutrition, the first sign is often yellowed leaf tips.

The Importance of Light

The real food for cannabis plants is actually not a fertilizer, but light. Your cannabis plant converts light through photosynthesis into energy that is the fuel for growth and flowering. So what do fertilizers do? Well, your plant needs fertilizers for photosynthesis and growth, see them as vitamins for cannabis plants. We need vitamins for all kinds of processes in our body, but if we take too much of it we can also become ill. Beautiful, even green leaves indicate that your cannabis plant is not lacking in anything

Many growers try to give their plants as much fertilizer as they can, but you get better results if you try to simply prevent your cannabis plant getting too much or too little fertilizer. As long as the leaves of your plant are beautiful and evenly green and do not show speckles or discolored points, you’re okay and your cannabis plant will not be short of anything.

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