White Widow Cannabis Seeds

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White widow seeds are popularly known for the euphoric sensations and energy breaks they provide. They are white to see coated with resins. Being a product of sativa and indica hybridization, white widow seeds hold a place among the top-notch cannabis seeds. With high THC and other cerebral effects and benefits, they have become a great choice among the growers who wish to get rid of their stress instantly. White widow seeds have made their place in coffee houses across the globe because of their euphoric tendencies. The euphoric white widow seeds create stimulates the talkative side of the person and tingle the creative cells of the brain which often leads to striking new ideas under the influence of white widow seeds. White widow seeds have helped in the discovery of various other cannabis strains but still, there are many growers who prefer to grow the original white widow seeds. The flowering period of white widow seeds is as short as 8 weeks when grown indoors.

Effects and Benefits

  • The euphoria of white widow seeds is well known and makes it the first choice of consumers.
  • It tingles the creative cells of a person.
  • Brings out the talkative person within you.
  • The person feels ecstatic after its consumption.
  • It relaxes the person on both mental and physical levels.
  • Fights Fatigue. Keeps a person active.
  • Acts as a great stress buster.
  • It helps in bringing a person out of depression.
  • A great pain killer.
  • Easy to grow both indoors and outdoors.
  • Short flowering period.

White widow seeds strike hard on your creative and energetic side. So when you start with white widow seeds go slow.

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    Amazing Price. Thanks for offer.

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