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BOMB CBD FEMINISED SEEDS is a hybrid that was created by Bomb Seeds. The genetic origin of this
hybrid is unknown however, it is believed to have been developed in the Netherlands and presently, it is
found in Alaska, Colorado and Pacific Northwest. It is a plant that suits both amateur users and the
medical users. The plant grows well both indoors and outdoors. The yield consumes about 7 to 9
weeks to grow indoors while, it begins flowering by the end of September and early October
outdoors. The plant height is approximately 2 feet or taller. The THC content varies from 20% to
25%. The Indica to Sativa ratio is 65%/35%. The CBD content is 1%. BOMB CBD FEMINISED SEEDS
grows well in warm and sunny climate. It is quite easy to grow. It is naturally resistant to molds and
mildew. It has a blend of various fragrances which are sweet, lemon, citrus, sour and earthy. It gives
woody, pine, lemon, citrus and sweet flavors at the same time.

1. Relaxed: the most dominant feature of the BOMB CBD FEMINISED SEEDS is that they
unwind the user to that level that he is in a state of utmost relaxation.
2. Happy: the consumption of BOMB CBD FEMINISED SEEDS strain is also linked to releasing
happiness hormones to all its users.
3. Euphoric: BOMB CBD FEMINISED SEEDS takes its users to a state of tranquillity and solace.
4. Sleepy: the smokers also get a good sleep on consuming BOMB CBD FEMINISED SEEDS.

1. Stress: BOMB CBD FEMINISED SEEDS is an absolute stress buster.
2. Pain: it gives relief from chronic pains.
3. Insomnia: the problem of sleeplessness is also cured to a great extent with the consumption of
BOMB CBD FEMINISED SEEDS in right quantities.
4. Depression: it works wonders to take its consumers out of depression.
5. Headaches: the problem of headaches can be cured substantially with BOMB CBD

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    I really love this!

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