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  • Huge collection of different strains of Marijuana/Cannabis to choose from.
  • All kinds of seeds variety like feminized seeds, automatic seeds, and mixed seeds are available.
  • All the seeds have a high yield and have standard flowering and harvesting time.
  • The demand for Marijuana/Cannabis is high in the market due to its use in medicines used for many chronic diseases.
  • All varieties have resistance to the molds and pests depending upon their strain variety.


  • Marijuana/Cannabis seeds have high medicinal value for its effects on the brain.
  • It is a highly useful medicine for epilepsy, movement disorders, asthma, stress, anxiety, depression, and other disorders.
  • Marijuana/Cannabis seeds have euphoric effects that produce a sense of tranquil and solace.
  • Marijuana/Cannabis is mostly used for recreational purposes due to the presence of THC which causes the mental condition known as HIGH.