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Purple kush is a pure indica. It is different from other hybrids because of its eye captivating colours and pleasant taste. Purple kush is a cross between two indica landraces that originate from South-Central Asia: Hindu kush and a Purple tinged variety of Afghanistan. The THC content in purple kush varies from 17% to 27%. The colour of leaves is green and purple. Not only its colour, but also its taste is great. Initially, it gives an earthy sandalwood like taste which further changes to sweet and fruity taste of grape.

Purple kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors but the success rate is more when grown inside as the conditions of its growth can be controlled and its height is around 3 feet to accommodate it easily inside.


  1. Purple kush cannabis are capable of producing anandamide which is a natural happiness producing happiness substance in body. Thus, these cannabis are an alterative to this natural substance anandamide thereby creating a sense of extreme joy.
  2. Purple kush cannabis are effective in yielding both mental and physical relaxation.
  3. Purple kush cannabis are definitely a better alterative to all the other sleeping pills and drugs that are available for people suffering from sleep disorders.
  4. It is found to be almost 40% successful in curing cotton mouth.

Common usage

  1. Purple kush cannabis are consumed for relieving from pain.
  2. cannabis are capable of treating nausea and vomiting symptoms associated with a number of diseases: that includes diseases such as, appendicitis and meningitis, as well as overeating and motion sickness.
  3. Cannabis have a positive impact on sleep as people who consume these sleep quicker, longer and better.
  4. Purple kush cannabis are effective in treating anxiety when taken in moderation whereas an over consumption can further increase anxiety.
  5. The use of cannabis as an anti-depressant is yet under scanner and has a long way to go before being accepted and verified as an anti-depressant.

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