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Original Skunk#1 seeds are the father of entire skunk strain seeds. The sweet tasting seeds still stand out among all the skunk seeds family. The original skunk#1 seeds are high on THC. Being High THC seeds, the original skunk#1 seeds are known for their high energy rending effects. Along with providing high energy original skunk#1seeds are also well known for producing great results in cases of stress and loss of appetite.

Benefits and Effects

Original Skunk#1 seeds are known to have following benefits-

  • Lowering down Pain- Being rich with cannabinoids, the original skunk #1 seed plays a vital role in lowering down unbearable pains and acts as a great painkiller.
  • For Muscle Spasms- These High THC seeds are of great use in cases of muscles spasms.
  • Depression- Original Skunk#1 seeds also help a lot in driving out a person from depression.
  • Stress- It also acts as a great stress buster.
  • Headaches- Original Skunk#1 seeds also show great results in getting rid of terrible headaches.

Other than these benefits the intake of these High THC seeds also induces some effects on the person who takes it. The person tends to have following effects:

  • The person becomes more talkative.
  • He feels more relaxed.
  • He feels delighted and uplifted along with feeling euphoric.

Some more details about Original Skunk#1 Seeds-

The Original Skunk #1 seeds were originally founded by sacred seeds by breeding 3 diverse yet beneficial varieties of cannabis seeds, namely Afghani, Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold. This hybridization of these 3 seeds gave the Original Skunk#1 seeds which changed the definition of cannabis seeds in the world and people started looking at cannabis with dignity as original skunk#1 seeds brought forward the medicinal properties of cannabis. Later on original skunk#1 seeds gave rise to many other variations of skunk seeds.

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  1. Aubrey

    Good quality and low price in this seeds.

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